About Us

The Saint George Charity Fund was created by being inspired by three events:

I. The Trustees and Directors moving from Great Britain to Saint George, Utah.
II. The tremendous welcome and friendliness of the local community.
III. A movie, starring Kevin Spacey called, “Pay It Forward”, which is now it’s our motto.

There are 3 Trustees, each one a director with specific responsibilities.

Michael Gillingham (COO)

Michael is the person who pulls things together and keeps the books and organizes the office space “and those within it”. He is also the CEO of GoZunder LLC who sponsors and operates the charity. He operated a French company producing business promotion goods as well as popular tourist souvenirs. He is trained in Photoshop and Sublimation Printing and designs the charity’s literature and graphics. Michael has also worked for several years in the family businesses in England and Scotland.

Heleena Gillingham (Director of Welfare Services)

Heleena is responsible for handling the welfare side of the charity. Her duties are aiding and assisting those who are Disabled, Elderly, Post Operation and of course our beloved Veterans. She is a qualified Reflexologist and is currently studying to become a Massage Therapist. Her hobbies are crafts and jewelry and works in the jewelry trade. Heleena worked in the family businesses in Scotland and Southern England for many years and became the assistant manager of one of their care facilities and the manager of the other care facility. Heleena will be working with these groups giving discounted massage therapy to those in need, sponsored by the charity, starting later this year and in 2017

Nigel Gillingham (New Project Manager)

Nigel is the person who makes the office space untidy to ensure that Michael has enough work to do! He is the driving force behind finding worthwhile projects to help build our community. He also gets to pull strings because he is the father. He studied to become a school teacher in the sciences, but changed direction after his degree course finished and he and his wife provided care facilities for those with Special Needs, Mental Illness and also age related disabilities. He has a wide range of experience in business and is spending his retirement building another business with his son Michael at GoZunder LLC. A company dedicated to providing safety, comfort and dignity to the disabled.

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