The Saint George Charity Fund currently has three main projects in hand:

  • How you can help us to provide essential services to growing communities. Your generous donation, regardless of amount will help us reach our goals in funding important and needed services. “Paying It Forward” is a way for you to pass on your successes to those who still have their dreams of a happy and successful life too. Giving to our funds will make a difference in someone’s life beyond your imagination. These are some of the major projects we are currently working on as well as taking care of other needs as well.
  • Educational Encouragement: Whether it is academic, commercial trade qualifications, changing one’s career or business seminars to help new businesses grow, education fits in there somewhere and is an essential part of a person’s success.
  • Healthy Lifestyles: This project is one which will enhance healthy living and produce an interesting attraction to Saint George.   It will help schools develop their sporting alternatives for students and create an interesting way to encourage locals to resume their   sporting skills which they have given up, since the effects of the recent recession.
  • Home Safety: Another project, in conjunction with GoZunder LLC is to raise funds on behalf of our Veterans, Elderly and Disabled to enhance their safety, dignity and independence. We are seeking to raise funds for this project to give away essential aids in order to keep them safer and make their lives a little bit better too.
  • Pain Relief Therapy: Our Trustee and Director, Heleena Gillingham has just completed her massage therapy course in 14 different styles and techniques. Donations will help our disabled, veterans, elderly and injured to receive low cost massage therapy to help relive pains and help relieve stiffness in joints and provide exercises to help the clients stay as supple and pain free as possible.

Please give generously, we really do need your help

The Saint George Charity Fund is all about
People, Business, Education and our Community.

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