Our Aims


Aims and Objectives

Office Building

Business Development

The Saint George Charity Fund aims to promote new businesses within the community, It is wanting to offer training and reduced cost incubator office spaces, so that new businesses can get a helping hand to get started. Office space is expensive and can kill a business before it has the chance to get on its feet. The Incubator Spaces will give them that help and assistance. Onsite training and advice from local experts will encourage these new start up businesses to grow and create new employment for future generations.


Healthy Living, Lifestyles and Sports

The Saint George Charity Fund wants to preserve sports facilities and encourage people to be active in healthy lifestyles. Their Sports Fund will support all types of activities and organizations in our community. Working with the City and Private  Organizations The Sports Fund hopes to bring new facilities and opportunities to encourage the future generation to be healthier.


Education Grants

The Saint George Charity Fund wants to help and encourage all the young and the older adults, who can’t afford the costs, to improve their education and business skills. Whether you are 18 or 118, if you want to develop new skills, knowledge or abilities, we hope that we can be there for you to fulfill your dreams. If you lack the financial ability to pay for it maybe we can help.


Elderly, Disabled and Veterans

The Saint George Charity Fund was set up to help the local community and to help our Veterans, the Disabled and the Elderly to have a better quality of  life. Being self-sufficient is very important as it restores dignity and self respect. The fund also gives help and support, where needed, to be able to get out into the community more. It exists to help with their re-education and acts as a business resource for those wanting to start their own commercial projects.

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