501(c)(3) Approved

The Saint George Charity Fund is all about Giving people help where they really need it, “Education”, “Healthy living”, “Welfare Services” and “Economic Development” in a fast Developing World.

Our Mission  is to:

  • Help communities grow economically as their environment increases in size and population.
  • Encourage education in the young and old.
  • Assist the adult workforce to develop greater skills.
  • Provide opportunities for those seeking to change their occupations or advance their trade skills.
  • Teach the elderly, disabled and frail to  become safer in their homes, develop greater independence and restore their dignity.
  • Provide physical aids and therapy to those who need them and cannot afford them.

Our Projects:

  • We are seeking to help our cherished veterans who have returned disabled to have physical aids to make their lives safer and more comfortable.
  • To encourage our youth to get outdoors and enjoy healthier lifestyles and sporting activities. To learn about our environment and simple ways to protect it for future generations.
  • Working with State and Federal Agencies to help those who dream of starting their own businesses and seek extra help to get them started

Our Motto:

Our Motto is taken partly from the trustees family’s Scottish Coat of Arms. Its motto is “Stand Steadfast” with a cry of, “Aye Forward”.  This, linked with the emotional movie of the same name “Pay It Forward”, became the recipe for what our charity stands for. Being helped and then helping other people in return. Often it is impossible to repay a good deed, however, there are always opportunities to “Pay It Forward” and that is what we ask of those we help.

How You Can Help Us to “PAY IT FORWARD”.

We all get a thrill when we “Pay It Forward” to someone else. Not only do we make them feel relieved at having solved a difficult problem, but you get the thrill of seeing them relax and sigh a breath of relief. Maybe it is just giving someone a cake to cheer them up or a donation to a worthy cause. However we do it, it makes us feel good inside.

We have a store selling items to raise funds, others who have skills, that are needed by others, fill their needs on a voluntary basis, not charging for their services. A company who makes mugs for gifts and supplies us at a reduced price so that we can sell them and profit from their sales.

Buy one of our mugs to show that you support Our troops, Our Veterans or Our Local Police. Only $20.35 including Shipping simply click on the picture below to purchase or to make a donation on that same page.



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